March 13 2017

This past month has been very busy with lots of opportunities for fellowship and outreach. We have had many opportunities to host people in our home.

We praise the Lord for giving Kevin an opportunity to share the gospel with Jackson, a first year student at Copperbelt University. He accepted Christ as his Savior last week. He attended church on Sunday and was really encouraged by the preaching from the book of Romans. Please pray as Kevin tries to develop a deep relationship of discipleship.

We are two weeks from mid-term break at CABC. This has been a very busy semester since Kevin has taken on extra classes and Sarah has taken on extra Academic Office responsibilities since the Academic Dean is in the States for furlough. Please pray for strength, health, and wisdom as we teach and serve our students.

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February 11 2017

Regular semester classes have resumed at CABC. We just completed our first week of the semester. Between both the Bible program and the education program, we have 63 full-time undergrad students, and we are praying that a few more might join us over the weekend.

This semester will be a heavier workload for the faculty; one of our short-term international faculty could not return this semester due to some prolonged illness, and our academic dean and his family will be away in the States this semester to have their fourth child. Kevin is teaching two doctrines classes, two Greek classes, and the Wisdom & Poetic books. Sarah is teaching Research & Writing. Please pray for the energy and motivation to serve our students with joy this semester.  

We are excited about several new members of our team this semester: Kondwani Chirwe has moved up from Lusaka to be our first full-time librarian. We are thrilled to have a librarian with the technical training and the servant’s heart that he has demonstrated. We have also been joined by Dickson Njoroge from Nyahururu Kenya; Sarah is training Dickson to take over the English classes. We also have two ladies from our church who have joined full-time to teach in the education program. Please pray that God would continue to give us a spirit of unity and servanthood.


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December 5 2016


This past week CABC hosted our 13th annual Leadership Conference. This year’s conference reached a record of over five hundred in attendance. The general sessions of the conference dealt with the topic of apologetics, the task of giving a reasoned defense of the Christian faith. Two block classes were also taking place on campus during the conference, one for pastors and another for chaplains. Sarah and I were encouraged and challenged by the truth we received from God’s Word! 

On Thursday evening of the conference, we held our eighth graduation ceremony. It was a pleasure to see seven undergraduates representing three African countries and four masters graduates. Please pray that these graduates would faithfully serve Christ in their churches and carryout the mission of the gospel.

Sarah and I are looking forward to the next two months of break in which we will be relaxing, catching up on life and celebrating the holidays with friends. Thank you all for your prayers and support of the work here in Zambia. We pray that each of you is blessed as you celebrate the Incarnation of Christ so that he could live a perfect life and die in our place.


Closing Chapel 2016
We can’t believe this school year has already ended. It was challenging but good. We thank God for his wisdom and grace. We are already thinking about our classes for 2017!


2016 Graduation Ceremony
This year’s graduation ceremony was packed!!! We awarded Pastor’s block class certificates, Chaplaincy Certificates, 7 Bible degrees, and 4 Master’s degrees!


Advisory Board Meeting
At the end of Leadership Conference, our advisory board meets to discuss the progress at CABC. We are thankful for a wonderful group of men who invest themselves in the ministry at CABC.

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November 13, 2016


Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and support in the work of training the next generation of servant leaders in Africa for Great Commission living. This past Friday was the last day of semester courses and final exam week starts tomorrow. Our annual Leadership Conference and Graduation will take place Nov 28–Dec 2.

Please remember to be in prayer concerning the Link Office Park, which is a complex of commercial rental spaces owned by CABC. Its purpose is to provide a local source of income to fund the school’s operating budget as our school fees do not cover the school’s operational expenses. Link has officially opened and we have seen our first tenant. We are also working to secure other clients as well. Please pray that, despite a prolonged economic slump and rising costs, God would fill the building to capacity so that the college can become more self-sustaining as we continue to serve Christ’s church here in Africa by training and discipling its leaders.


Please pray for fruitful ministry during the Leadership Conference.

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September 25, 2016

CABC building

Thank you for your prayers and support of the work here in Zambia of training the next generation of servant-leaders in Africa for Great-commission living. Last month, we had the privilege of hosting a few visitors from our home church in the US. It was exciting to see through fresh eyes what God is doing to gather worshippers for himself from all around the continent and to make them more like himself.

The school has been on mid-semester break for the last two weeks which has given us the chance to catch up with friends and complete some projects at home.

Please pray for the students as they return to class on Monday; the remaining seven weeks of the semester always flies by. The graduating seniors in the degree program will be preparing to meet with the faculty to defend their personal doctrinal statements. The faculty and staff will also be engaged in the next few weeks in preparations for our annual Leadership Conference. Pray for the preparations and an effective conference for area pastors.

Kevin teaching the second semester of Greek!


When the team from our home church visited, we had some students over for fellowship. We enjoyed hearing their testimonies and how God brought them to CABC. They are from the following countries (left to right): Malawi, Botswana, Kenya, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Zambia, South Sudan, Kenya, Namibia.

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July 22, 2016

July Block Class 2016

Thank you for praying for the July Block Class. It was a busy week as we had 4 programs running at the same time: education program classes, a Bible program class, the Pastor’s block class, and a Chaplains block class. It was a blessing to have so many visitors on campus. Please continue to pray that the students, Pastors and Chaplains are able to use and share the truth that they have learned.

Regular classes begin Monday! Please pray for wisdom and strength as we begin a new semester.

July Pastors 2016

Over 200 Pastors attended the July Block class on Discipleship!

Chaplains July 2016

60 chaplains attended the Chaplains Block class!

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July 6, 2016


We have enjoyed four weeks of break from classes. We spent time with friends, hosted people in our home, worked on home improvements, and watched our coworker’s 3 kids for 10 days while they traveled. The July Block class will begin next week, July 11-15. In addition to the Pastor’s block class on discipleship, CABC will be hosting a block class for chaplains as well as a Teaching the Bible course for our second year students. Sarah will be assisting Dr. Cynthia Lilya with the Teaching the Bible course. The following week, July 18-22, Dr. Jeff Straub will be teaching a history block class for our students. Regular classes begin on July 25! Please be in prayer for the upcoming block classes as well as preparations for the second semester.

Volume 2 Cover

The second volume of our journal is set to come out this month. It is a pleasure to be able to work as an editor and publish articles from indigenous authors.

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May 27, 2016


Using our Home for Ministry

We are so thankful to God for providing a house for us to stay in! We received the keys late in December and began some renovations in January. The largest project was the kitchen which was just recently completed. There are still many little projects to do, but we are feeling settled. We have already had opportunites to host fellowships and have people stay with us. We are praying our home will be a blessing to many people. If you are interested, you can view our before video here and our after video here.


Kid’s section during a young couples fellowship.


Hosting fellowship in our front yard!

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April 20, 2016

South Sudan Block Class


Thank you for your prayers for us over the past few weeks. During our two-week school break, we had four CABC faculty members traveling to teach classes in our external block class program (one class in DR Congo, two classes in Malawi, and two in South Sudan). Kevin traveled to South Sudan to teach the first of the two classes. On his way to South Sudan, he had a brief stop in Cairo, Egypt in order to reconnect with a former classmate who is engaged in a similar work of training

pastors and church leaders. Our hope is that this connection will bear fruit as our external block class program expands and our need increases for local partnerships to share the teaching load.

Kevin’s class in South Sudan was a foundational Bible doctrines course, called Apostolic Doctrines, which is intended to prepare the students for further study by grounding them in the overall message of the Bible as taught by the Apostles. The second class, Essential Christian Doctrines, was taught by Hector Garcia, another CABC faculty member. The students were very receptive and asked many good questions in class. In many cases students feel uncomfortable asking questions because of the cultural perspective that to do so is to disrespect the teacher. We are thankful for the back-and-forth interaction in the classroom as it gives the teacher significant insight into the students’ lives and helps in evaluating how well the students are internalizing the ideas being taught.

Please continue to pray for God’s church in South Sudan. During our time in Juba, the capitol city, former rebel soldiers were arriving daily in advance of the vice-president who is the current opposition leader. Please pray that his arrival would be a peaceful one and that peace would prevail over the next two and a half years until the elections are held.

Malawi Block Classes


This class was taught by John Njoroge, one of our full time faculty members from Kenya.


This class was also taught by John Njoroge. We are thankful he was willing to spend both weeks of his break teaching in Malawi.

Congo Block Class


This class was taught by Ben Straub, one of our full time faculty. He is French speaking and so is very effective in the Congo.


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March 29, 2016

Health Update

Thank you for all your prayers on our behalf. Though there were times of discouragement during our recent illness, we saw God’s grace and experienced His love through our church family and friends. Malaria is becoming resistant to medications in Zambia. Kevin took two pill-form treatments, and it did not clear, so he had injections. We didn’t catch my malaria early enough, so the infection was bad enough that I was put on a quinine drip. It was a long couple of weeks, but we praise God that we are both feeling stronger. I was planning to travel with Kevin to South Sudan, but I was not feeling strong enough so please pray for him as he is alone. Pray that the malaria is truly cleared and doesn’t come back.

Thank you for your love and support,

Kevin & Sarah Sherman


Training Pastors in South Sudan

Please pray for Kevin as he will be teaching a class on foundational doctrines to a group of Pastors in South Sudan. The class runs from March 30 to April 4. We look forward to giving you an update when he returns.

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