Our Experience

In July of 2011 we moved to Kitwe, Zambia on a one-year teaching contract with Central Africa Baptist College to fill a temporary role in the work of theological training for African pastors and church leaders. Kevin taught a number of courses in New Testament, systematic theology, and Greek. Sarah worked primarily in the library and the school office. Our experience in Zambia was filled with opportunities to observe how God is building his church around the world to gather and to mature a people for himself from among every tribe, nation, and language.

Before returning to the States in July 2012, the school asked us to consider returning to serve indefinitely. We enthusiastically accepted the offer and spent the rest of 2012 and all of 2013 raising full time support.

In February 2014, we moved to Zambia. Since then, we have joined Faith Baptist Riverside where Kevin currently serves as a deacon. We also both teach full time at CABC. Kevin currently oversees the Doctrines classes and the doctrinal seminar. In addition he teaches Greek classes and Critical Thinking. Sarah currently teaches three English courses: Fundamentals, Introduction to Writing, and Research and Writing.

We love serving in Zambia, and we look forward to the ministry opportunities that God will bring our way.