November 13, 2016


Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and support in the work of training the next generation of servant leaders in Africa for Great Commission living. This past Friday was the last day of semester courses and final exam week starts tomorrow. Our annual Leadership Conference and Graduation will take place Nov 28–Dec 2.

Please remember to be in prayer concerning the Link Office Park, which is a complex of commercial rental spaces owned by CABC. Its purpose is to provide a local source of income to fund the school’s operating budget as our school fees do not cover the school’s operational expenses. Link has officially opened and we have seen our first tenant. We are also working to secure other clients as well. Please pray that, despite a prolonged economic slump and rising costs, God would fill the building to capacity so that the college can become more self-sustaining as we continue to serve Christ’s church here in Africa by training and discipling its leaders.


Please pray for fruitful ministry during the Leadership Conference.

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