December 5 2016


This past week CABC hosted our 13th annual Leadership Conference. This year’s conference reached a record of over five hundred in attendance. The general sessions of the conference dealt with the topic of apologetics, the task of giving a reasoned defense of the Christian faith. Two block classes were also taking place on campus during the conference, one for pastors and another for chaplains. Sarah and I were encouraged and challenged by the truth we received from God’s Word! 

On Thursday evening of the conference, we held our eighth graduation ceremony. It was a pleasure to see seven undergraduates representing three African countries and four masters graduates. Please pray that these graduates would faithfully serve Christ in their churches and carryout the mission of the gospel.

Sarah and I are looking forward to the next two months of break in which we will be relaxing, catching up on life and celebrating the holidays with friends. Thank you all for your prayers and support of the work here in Zambia. We pray that each of you is blessed as you celebrate the Incarnation of Christ so that he could live a perfect life and die in our place.


Closing Chapel 2016
We can’t believe this school year has already ended. It was challenging but good. We thank God for his wisdom and grace. We are already thinking about our classes for 2017!


2016 Graduation Ceremony
This year’s graduation ceremony was packed!!! We awarded Pastor’s block class certificates, Chaplaincy Certificates, 7 Bible degrees, and 4 Master’s degrees!


Advisory Board Meeting
At the end of Leadership Conference, our advisory board meets to discuss the progress at CABC. We are thankful for a wonderful group of men who invest themselves in the ministry at CABC.

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