April 20, 2016

South Sudan Block Class


Thank you for your prayers for us over the past few weeks. During our two-week school break, we had four CABC faculty members traveling to teach classes in our external block class program (one class in DR Congo, two classes in Malawi, and two in South Sudan). Kevin traveled to South Sudan to teach the first of the two classes. On his way to South Sudan, he had a brief stop in Cairo, Egypt in order to reconnect with a former classmate who is engaged in a similar work of training

pastors and church leaders. Our hope is that this connection will bear fruit as our external block class program expands and our need increases for local partnerships to share the teaching load.

Kevin’s class in South Sudan was a foundational Bible doctrines course, called Apostolic Doctrines, which is intended to prepare the students for further study by grounding them in the overall message of the Bible as taught by the Apostles. The second class, Essential Christian Doctrines, was taught by Hector Garcia, another CABC faculty member. The students were very receptive and asked many good questions in class. In many cases students feel uncomfortable asking questions because of the cultural perspective that to do so is to disrespect the teacher. We are thankful for the back-and-forth interaction in the classroom as it gives the teacher significant insight into the students’ lives and helps in evaluating how well the students are internalizing the ideas being taught.

Please continue to pray for God’s church in South Sudan. During our time in Juba, the capitol city, former rebel soldiers were arriving daily in advance of the vice-president who is the current opposition leader. Please pray that his arrival would be a peaceful one and that peace would prevail over the next two and a half years until the elections are held.

Malawi Block Classes


This class was taught by John Njoroge, one of our full time faculty members from Kenya.


This class was also taught by John Njoroge. We are thankful he was willing to spend both weeks of his break teaching in Malawi.

Congo Block Class


This class was taught by Ben Straub, one of our full time faculty. He is French speaking and so is very effective in the Congo.


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